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Bimini Juice Bar & Salad Bar

Bimini Juice Bar and Salad Bar is a healthy quick service juicery the prepares the freshest juice, smoothies and light fare with a focus on raw healthy ingredients. Our mission is to share our passion for health and good food! We believe that health and wellness are instrumental to a longer happier life, and a well-balanced diet is an important factor in these beliefs. Our juices are made with only 100% pure fruits and vegetables with no added sweeteners, syrups, or frozen produce. Our smoothies are blended with non-fat Greek yogurt for added protein and texture and only natural sweeteners like organic honey and organic agave are used! Bimini Juice & Salad Bar is located near the corner of Brown and North 2nd street, in the lively and progressive Northern Liberties neighborhood.


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Hours of Business
10:15 AM - 10:18 AM
Monday - Saturday